Gsa network aclu orange county kissing-

CourtListener is a project of Free Law Project , a federally-recognized c 3 non-profit. We rely on donations for our financial security. Donate Now. Sign In Register. Filed: September 25th,

Gsa network aclu orange county kissing

Gsa network aclu orange county kissing

Gsa network aclu orange county kissing

Gsa network aclu orange county kissing

Gsa network aclu orange county kissing

Panelists are ready to discuss quite varied counyy experiences, current community issues on asexuality, and more. Young people become activists because they respect themselves and other people too much to let anyone be treated like a second-class citizen. They offer a Rainbow youth night open to all youth ages on Wednesday nights from pm. Join us for this session! On another occasion, the two were Zolpidem lover a bench, either side by side or one on top of the other: They were "mauling each other and French kissing. With regard to monetary damages, the Third Claim for Relief was dismissed as to the School Defendants acllu the basis of qualified immunity. Wolf cannot recall what he precisely said to Chhun about the conduct which precipitated the suspension, but he believes that he may have told Chhun that Charlene was kissing a girl. The suspenders and bustiers! What is called couny and from us Asian porn vidos Gsa network aclu orange county kissing and fight back day after day?

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Do you want to be active in your community? Mar 15 Saturday am-noon, Fullerton: Rally at Representative Royce's Women's Conference to protest Royce's votes against raising the minimum wage, equal work for equal pay, and other efforts to support women, families and Gsa network aclu orange county kissing. To volunteer Masturbation techniques sandwich bag hand out fliers and work at the outreach booth, choose a shift from 10ampm or pm-3pm. Help plan for the upcoming campaign. Stories of the march from participants. This will be a stellar event for OC's progressive community that you won't want to miss. We will be having other guest speakers to assist you in making your life with these abilities much more rewarding. There will be refreshments. The movie is one example of how San Jorocho music and traditions are keeping communities strong in a time of limited opportunities. We'll be discussing details around our upcoming candidate trainings, brainstorming on dynamic speakers to invite to meetings and plans for our annual " Breaking the Glass Ceiling " event. He decided to replace evolution in favor of creationism, limit the teachings of Thomas Jefferson and FDR and replace hip hop with country music. National Park Service withdraw plan to consider charging protesters for demonstrations.

Creating Change Conference!

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  • GSA Network has witnessed major legislative victories and devastating setbacks to the rights of trans and queer Read More.
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CourtListener is a project of Free Law Project , a federally-recognized c 3 non-profit. We rely on donations for our financial security. Donate Now. Sign In Register. Filed: September 25th, Precedential Status: Precedential. Citations: F. Author: James V. Sun, Hector O. Campbell, Collie F. Dennis J. This matter came on for trial to the Court on November , and December 1, , and 12, Sun, Esq. James, Esq. McDonald, Esq. Kushner, Esq. Walsh, Esq. As discussed below in detail, Charlene was disciplined for her conduct with Trang, and Plaintiffs claim t hat Charlene's Constitutional, statutory, and common-law rights were violated in the process.

Specifically, Plaintiffs assert causes of action against the School Defendants under the federal civil rights statute [2] for violation of Charlene's right to equal protection [3] and violation of her First Amendment right to freedom of expression. In accordance with the Court's usual practice in bench trials, direct testimony was presented by way of declaration, and the witnesses were then submitted for cross-examination and further examination.

Charlene At the beginning of the academic year , Charlene was a 16 year-old junior at Santiago. Her first two years at Santiago were an academic success, and her grades remained high during the first semester of her junior year. Ngoun Decl. She took a number of Advanced Placement "AP" courses, and was on a college track. She was the youngest of five children of Cambodian immigrants.

Neither parent spoke or understood English well. Charlene met Trang in a freshman Life Science class. At the beginning of the academic year, Charlene asked Trang to be her girlfriend, and by November they felt sufficiently comfortable to begin expressing their affection by holding hands and hugging.

Nguyen Decl. By December, Charlene and Trang were kissing on the school grounds. Prior to the events which unfold below, Charlene had not revealed her sexual orientation to her parents.

The decline in her grades during her senior year led the University of California at Santa Barbara to withdraw an offer of admission. GSA Network. Laub Decl. Its mission is to eliminate harassment, discrimination, and intolerance toward LGBT students. See id. The GSA Network's standing in this case is based on the protection of the interests of its members.

Principal Wolf. Wolf was the principal at Santiago from July through June Wolf Decl. As discussed below, he was the decision maker in determining what punishment to impose on Charlene for her conduct.

Laura Schwalm. Schwalm has been the superintendent of the District since Schwalm Decl. Kent Baird. Baird was an assistant superintendent of the District from July 1, through June 30, Baird Decl. Gary Lewis. Since , Lewis has been assistant superintendent of the District for special education and student services. Lewis Decl. Santiago is a four-year high school. In , Santiago had about 2, students.

The senior administrators consisted of Wolf, the principal, and several assistant principals, including Gay Stoval "Stoval" and Ryan Smith "Smith".

The District has about 50, students. The senior administrators in included the superintendent, Schwalm, and four assistant superintendents, including Baird and Lewis. Santiago is one of the high schools in the District. As the evidence developed at trial, it became evident that Schwalm, Baird, and Lewis played no role in the disciplining of Charlene and Trang.

Those decisions were made by Wolf between November and April , and without consultation with District officials. The Court has already granted summary judgment on Charlene's theories that the District lacked policies and procedures with regard to discrimination on the basis of gender and that the District administrators failed to investigate her claim of gender discrimination and take appropriate action.

MSJ Order, pp. There is simply no evidence to support a finding that Schwalm, Baird, or Lewis engaged in any "culpable action or inaction in the training, supervision, or control of [their] subordinates,. City of Los Angeles, F. For like reason, they did not violate Charlene's privacy rights under California law. Charlene claims that her right to equal protection under the laws was violated because discipline was imposed on her in a discriminatory manner based on her sexual orientation.

Because the claim of discrimination rest heavily on the facts and the legal principles are not in dispute, the Court gives only brief attention to the applicable law.

The following are bedrock: 1 sexual orientation represents a protected class for equal protection purposes, Flores v. Podlesny, 92 F. Reese v. Jefferson School District No. The evidence at trial established that at Santiago it was the role of campus supervisors, assistant principals, and the principal to monitor and discipline students for engaging in inappropriate public displays of affection "IPDA".

A student was typically first given a warning, and perhaps multiple warnings, before discipline was imposed. A warning had the effect of communicating precisely what conduct school administrators regarded as IPDA. Discipline was progressive: Saturday school, suspension, and transfer from the school. The issue is whether this framework was implemented in an evenhanded manner.

Assistant Principal Stoval testified that it was up to campus monitors and other school employees to make a judgment as to what constituted excessive kissing or hugging. AM Stoval stated that her standard for IPDA was excessive conduct which someone would find unreasonable in a school setting.

While she testified that a student might not know that he or she crossed the line until warned by a school official, she also testified that she expected students to have a notion of what was proper and improper conduct on school grounds.

In her 36 years with the District, this case was the first instance in which a student questioned what constituted IPDA. The evidence established a fairly common understanding of IPDA. Charlene agreed at trial that "as far as common sense was concerned, the only appropriate or acceptable form of public displays of affection were holding hands, kissing and hugging. She had an understanding of the limits of acceptable PDA. Trang testified that she had a "general understanding about what was appropriate or inappropriate display of affection" during her junior year.

Virtually every student witness had an understanding of IPDA. Caitlin Hyunh "Caitlin" , who attended Santiago during the same years as Charlene, described IPDA to include making out, kissing in excess of 30 seconds, [9] students laying on top of one another, biting lips, and groping. PM Hang Nguyen "Hang" testified that she had a concept of IPDA which included making out in excess of thirty seconds, laying on one another, and standing between one another's legs, groping, and putting hands under the shirt of a partner.

AM ; H. Hang also testified that one would know IPDA if a school official told a student to stop engaging in a particular form of conduct. AM 11 Although Sandy Insixiengmay "Sandy" professed to be "confused" as to what constituted IPDA in her testimony, she was impeached with her lengthy list of conduct constituting IPDA which she recited at her deposition. The common understanding of IPDA at Santiago was neither so vague as to form a basis for imposing discipline nor so amorphous that the standard was open to abuse when applied by school administrators.

See Jauregui v. City of Glendale, F. Amway Corp. This is particularly so because warnings always preceded discipline. By Charlene's own description, she began showing signs of affection for Trang by November by holding hands and hugging. However, their displays of affection quickly advanced beyond this stage. At trial, Charlene acknowledged that she had been warned three times before the first instance of discipline.

If interested in speaking please email me at the address below. All ticket holders: Cash bar and appetizers before films. Treat these people not as they treat you but with the same respect you hope to be treated with. Feb 4 Friday 9am-4pm, Costa Mesa: Environmental Sustainability Conference Vanguard University 55 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA The purpose of the Environmental Sustainability Conference is to educate our business community, Orange County residents, and the emerging generation of leaders about the effects their choices have on the health of the environment. North Korea-themed pub opens in Seoul, sparking interest — and protests. For more information, call Sue Dearing at HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus.

Gsa network aclu orange county kissing

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Post a Comment. Kerrigan said over the phone to his father. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, that wasn't the case for Kerrigan's year-old father, Frank J. That's because Frank J. Kerrigan had laid his son to rest 11 days before receiving that call, or so he thought.

It's unclear exactly what led Orange County coroner's officials to misidentify the body of a man who was found dead behind a Verizon store in Fountain Valley, California, in early May -- but they did. Frank J. Kerrigan received a call from the coroner's office and was told the body belonged to his year-old son who is mentally ill and had been living on the street.

When the grieving father asked whether he should come identify the body, an official said his son's body had been identified through fingerprints. Kerrigan holds onto a funeral card for his son Frank, near Wildomar, Calif.

Kerrigan, who thought his son had died, learned he buried the wrong man. You can find parking in the nearby neighborhoods. Central Avenue, Santa Ana ocprogressivesummit. For further information, feel free to contact me at felicitynf aol. This will be a stellar event for OC's progressive community that you won't want to miss.

New members welcome! He'll discuss how we came to be so politically polarized as a nation and what needs to happen to restore a more cooperative system of governing. Then we plan actions to move our members of Congress toward a solution to the climate crisis. Join the fun as we build political will that our politicians need to respond to.

Enjoy the Cultural Fair on Center Street Promenade featuring musical entertainment, vendor booths, the Black History Walk, health village, youth village, art exhibit including winners of the youth art contest and food booths. All attendees are welcome to stay and view the business aspects of running the Green Party during the County Council meeting. The address and directions will be given upon RSVP. Join us for our February meeting which will include a panel discussion with many of our locally endorsed candidates.

Come hear what's going on with their campaigns and how we can help them win. Don't forget that this is a potluck so please bring a dish that serves others. Joseph L. Food provided. In recent years academics studying racism have increasingly turned their critical attention to the subject of racial whiteness.

The emergence of whiteness as a racial category influences the meaning of whiteness across the entire culture, including, justice, politics, literature, film, and television. Willoughby-Herard is a comparative political theorist who states, "I am concerned about the function of race and enslavement in national identities, which has important implication for theories of citizenship, democracy and justice.

For further information contact Margaret Pearlman, The Center OC, North Spurgeon Learn how to make informed decisions about what health insurance plan satisfies your needs and meet your budget.

Social hour starts at , meeting at Since we meet on a protected patio, prepare for cold weather. Menu is diverse; billing is by table but it's easy. He is an advocate for disenfranchised African-American voters. His strong leadership is helping give voice to Orange County minorities, while welcoming all community members to get involved.

Priority will go to first timers at the mic. The show starts at pm! No one will be turned away for lack of funds. BUT, if you donate you get entered into a raffle to win some really cool giveaways!

Interested in volunteering? Contact us! Leave a message here or email us at commongroundoc gmail. Feb 7 Friday 4pm, Orange: National experts on evolution and climate change speak dinner after Chapman Univ.

Candles will be provide, but feel free to bring one. At this meeting we will discuss current events and plan for future activities. Chestnut Ave. Doors open: noon Meeting begins: am Contact: Florice Hoffman hoffman socal. In that role, she oversees marketing, public affairs, and health care reform efforts for the organization.

Kate brings a wealth of experience from the political, marketing and business worlds. A former journalist and national political press secretary, Kate has also worked as a media consultant and as an executive in the financial and insurance industries.

Global Warming, or more accurately Climate Disruption, is clearly well under way. If we don't tackle this problem soon, Mother Earth may go on without the human species.

In Leonardo DiCaprio produced one of the best films on this topic, " 11th Hour ". Bring a healthy snack to share, we will provide hot and cold drinks. Join us for an astonishing film. He has served on human rights and peace delegations to many countries around the world.

Mike Farrell describes faith in this way: "There are many different views of the proper way to express one's faith, and I applaud those who wrestle with the questions. I particularly appreciate the seekers.

This seems to me closer to the concept of true faith than that of extremists who claim to have all the answers and, content in their settled wisdom, judge and condemn those who see things differently. Feb 9 Sunday ampm, Mission Viejo: Free screening of " Chasing Ice " film on climate change Tapestry Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Madero Mission Viejo CA, followed by panel discussion on what you can do to change our current trajectory.

We will begin with Vespers for Peace and will finish watching the movie, G-Dog, which is about Father Greg Boyle and his work with gangs. Hope you can join us for these meetings. Imperial Hwy. They will speak about what we can do to move Royce toward accepting a humane immigration reform and will let us know what we can do to help raise awareness in our community!

She will be speaking about the elections and the focus for Democrats. You must be an active member between the age of in good standing to vote. We will accept dues to vote in this election until February 7, To confirm if you are eligible, please email Gladys Park at gladysmares gmail. We will be planning our strategy and coordinating events for Please come and help us ban the bag in Newport Beach!

If you are unable to attend this meeting but would like to be part of our team or just stay informed on the campaign please send an email with your contact information. We look forward to making a difference with you! No one justice is more important than another, in fact, many issues surrounding gender-based violence are underrepresented microcosms for macro issues and vice-versa.

Please join us Friday, February 14th at noon at the flagpoles. Each organization will be given a square of fabric to detail their unique search for justice and when all have been completed we will tie the fabrics together to show our strength in unity.

When our diverse flag is completed we will march through campus and shake the very grounds that have been subject to much gender-based violence. Volunteers must attend one of the following training dates: Sat. For more information contact Jennifer at anaheimcounts gmail. Visit anaheimptf. White Room Participate in a discussion about exploring the meaning of Antiblackness and how Antiblackness is manifested daily.

RSVP ccc. What are our views in regard to a viable peace agreement? What actions can we take to promote them? We will have a round table discussion. Please join us and share your ideas. Jim Armendaris from OC Human Relations will talk about the types and frequency of hate crimes and hate incidents in our county and will then moderate a panel that includes Rev.

The meeting is open to the public and registration begins at , lunch at , and the program itself at with adjournment by Register and pay on line with a credit card at www. For further information, contact the Council at nmiinterfaith aol. This will be a good sequel to our November topic book discussion, the American South after the Civil War.

Huntington Beach, CA my. Kenneth Stampp has been named the "most influential historian of the 20th Century. He earned his M. Seventh Army in Germany. The book review is free and the community is invited. White Room Join us for a night of expression through spoken word, art, dance and other creative forms. The night will focus on empowering experiences in relationship to your social identities-- including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, citizenship status, and ability status.

RSVP to attend or sign-up to share your expressive piece at ccc. Donation Women v. Repression and Occupation: Rock, Rap, and Speakout vs. Redondo Beach Police Lt. Diane Goldstein. At this event Diane Goldstein will be showing a video, talking about her experience fighting the drug war and why her opinion changed, and will be available for questions.

Room , N. State College Blvd. Email: bweitzma lawnet. Evergreen St. Cristina Jose Kampfner, Write GMO. OC gmail. The City of Costa Mesa unfortunately passed a law prohibiting the solicitation of work in Dec. Day laborers continued to resist the ordinance by congregating at Corners of Resistance, and people from the Tonantzin Collective monitored police behavior at the corners. This policy was combined with an agreement to have immigration officers in the Costa Mesa Police Station.

In Sept. All 12 were arrested and booked for the "crime" of looking for work. All 12 of them were later turned over to ICE custody and deported since they were undocumented. The law was finally repealed in Oct. Day laborers can freely look for work in Costa Mesa without police harassment! Feb 22 Saturday 6pm, Silverado: For Pete's Sake A Hootenanny celebration of Pete Seeger's life Modjeska Canyon Rd Starts at dusk around 6PM This is a free event some limited food will be provided although we do not know how many will attend so pot luck is fine and deserts are always welcomed.

This will be in "Modjeska" Canyon at the park just past the firehouse or in community center before it weather permitting,dress warmly as temps will be cool. If you have never been here get directions before hand as GPS does not work well in the hills and it is a rural area. Karl kgb copper.

Now see the complete story of Nelson Mandela, from his childhood to his isolated days as a political prisoner, his eventual release after 27 years, and his triumphant election in as South Africa's first post-apartheid president, in a stirring film biography. We are honored to feature this film in remembrance of his passing at age 95 on December 5th, and to observe Black History Month.

Santa Ana Blvd. Denny was convicted of voter fraud in Gather outside the Administration Building at 9am to send a clear message to the Board of Supervisors. For more info, contact Marisol Rivera , Marisol. Join us at: am pm pm. What to watch for, who's running and how you can be involved. We have people coming from out of the town so we will be on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Ritz Carlton starting at PM for those who want to come hold signs.

Please come out and support this action whatever time you can make it starting at PM. Program will begin at noon. Visit womenfororangecounty. Feb 26 Wednesday pm, Brea: OC Green Drinks Green2Go, A Imperial Hwy OC Green Drinks events are casual and agenda-free; they're just a great forum in which Orange County's growing demographic of eco-conscious professionals can have a drink, spark up a 'green' conversation and not be met with a blank look.

MAA seeks to raise awareness and support moms with solutions to eat food free of genetically modified organisms GMO , while demanding GMO labeling locally and nationally. Zen will give an overview of what GMOs are, how labeling will make everybody safer, and how she started a national movement after California's Proposition 37 to label food failed to pass. Please join us to hear how to get involved!

And we will hear about an exciting, new potential website option. This promises to be a great meeting. Robert Reich, Professor, U. C Berkeley. Jointly sponsored by the O. CAL Alumni Club. The event will feature several prominent speakers to provide personal stories and information, along with food, music and wine. Also on hand will be a talented sculptor, Max Carraher, who will be sculpting live at the event all evening.

Lewis and others have dubbed Carraher, 24, as a modern day Rodin. All participating artists will donate a percentage of their sales to help fund research for autism. For more information about the event, call Feb 27 Thursday 7pm, Irvine: Amnesty International group Irvine United Congregational Church, Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA At our meeting we will be writing letters for current actions and discussing further events, in particular the film festival planned for April to commemorate Genocide Prevention Month.

For more information, please call: dial 0. Newport Beach New members welcome! Part of the meeting is a one-hour international conference call featuring Eli Lehrer, President of R Street Institute, a free-market think tank based in Washington, D.

Lehrer will discuss the no-nonsense view of climate change held by the insurance and re-insurance industry, which has the most to lose for getting it wrong.

Please bring a light snack to share. We will try to meet early this month, and be out to watch the Oscars. Brookhurst St. Now, we must keep up the pressure to ensure our brothers and sisters in the Patient Care Unit receive the fair contract settlement they have earned and deserve. Click the link below for all the details: action. We're excited to have as this month's speaker, financial advisor Debra Curry Director of Yosemite Capital Management who will discuss the importance of women and the financial world.

We'll also be updating you on the final details around the screening of the acclaimed documentary "After Tiller" scheduled for Sunday, March 23rd in Santa Ana as well as our upcoming candidate training Saturday, March 15th. Click here to RSVP. Is it possible to transform the culture of violence into a culture of peace?

To kick off the week, a panel of speakers, including a nuclear war survivor, UCI professor, and NGO director, will speak about nuclear abolition around the world. Refreshments will also be served. UPB strives to make all events open and accessible to everyone. Please contact us at ChapmanUPB gmail. Daniel Brunstetter Clubhouse 7. Brunstetter will explore the moral arguments used to defend and critique US drone strikes, examine the consequences of their use and more.

He is Associate Professor, Dept. Website: www. Gather and greet at pm. Lori will discuss where women are in terms of pay, elected office, access to health care, educational opportunities and more.

We'll also hear from women candidates about their campaigns. Email dfaoc. RSVP to tommyairey hotmail. One per person. He is a veteran Orange County prosecutor with over twenty years of experience. Figueroa St. Euclid St. Thousands of customers have signed petitions to support the workers. Reception to follow: p. RSVP to biosci-events uci. The film invites us to look beyond our plate and explore where our food comes from and how it gets to us. The purpose of this film is to open a meaningful conversation about food, health and sustainability that encourages citizen engagement.

Lara Montagne from the Grain Project will share how her organization is assisting the local community grow local food and will also share how sustainable gardens can be implemented in your community, school and home.

There is no fee to participate. If you purchase any food or drink please let the restaurant know you are with our group so that we may be credited with your purchase. We will celebrating being a woman and knowing we deserve equality. Bring signs, family and friends. If interested in speaking please email me at the address below. Look forward to a fun day. Contact Lynn : wemakeithapn yahoo. MacArthur Park, Wilshire Blvd. All welcome. Equality of believers and non-believers hangs by a thread in the United States Supreme Court.

Eddie Tabash, a Los Angeles area constitutional lawyer and chair of the Legal Committee of Americans United for Separation of Church and State will provide a powerful historical demonstration of how the Framers intended to create a government that is neutral in matters of religion. He will then discuss the current threats to secular government, including the latest Supreme Court cases.

Eddie Tabash is a Los Angeles area constitutional lawyer. He has filed amicus briefs arguing for the equal rights of believers and non-believers before the United States Supreme Court, the California Supreme Court and the California Court of Appeal. His best known work is his brief before the California Supreme Court in that Court's first same sex marriage case, in which he argued that confining marriage to heterosexuals was a concept based on religious beliefs and thus unconstitutional.

Social hour with food and drinks at , program at Sorry folks, there will not be a Reclaim Democracy meeting this month Saturday, March 8th I was not able to get a copy of the movie I wanted to show. April 12th we will have a very special meeting. I will tell you all about it soon.

First it was rain and because of the rain the new concrete around the trailer will not be dry by Sunday. See you all April 6 at the next first Sunday of the month. Fred, a labor and human rights activist, was trained by his father and Cesar Chavez; he is involved in countless justice issues. You won't want to miss this opportunity.

For reservations and more info, contact Suzanne Darweesh at sdarweesh aol. If you don't have time to read that much than read what you can We will examine drug use from a historical, geographic, sociological and criminal justice perspective.

College Parking Structure on St. Jeff Lebow is a founder and harvester for the Harvest Club. This club is unique in that it employees volunteer pickers to harvest fruit from peoples yards that would otherwise fall to the ground and rot.

All the food is donated to our local food banks for distribution to those who are food needy! This should be a wonderful chance to learn about how you can further help your community!

Please come and join us for the fun and learning! His songs have been heard on HBO and Showtime. Zimmerman's YouTube videos have amassed over seven million views.

The world is full of funny songs, but Zimmerman's hilarious, rhyme-intensive originals are also incisive calls to action, smart, savvy and undeniable.

Light breakfast and discussion about promoting tourism in Costa Mesa. Reception will be held in the Promenade Rooms. Program begins at pm. See volunteer opportunities at www. The goal of this program is to increase the educational opportunities for motivated low- income middle school students so that they can realize their potential to excel in high school and college.

Agenda includes discussion of club goals and an update on the California Democratic Party convention. Suzanne Savary is the Democratic candidate for the 48th U.

Congressional District. She is president of the Newport Beach Women's Democratic Club and a community leader who champions women and the middle class. For more information go to www. Savary will discuss topical issues and why she is running to defeat Dana Rohrabacher. This months meeting will feature campaign internship opportunities, voter registration job opportunities, and Democratic Convention election updates. As always there will be complimentary appetizers, great conversation, and drinks with your favorite young Democrats!

All Leisure World residents and guests are invited to attend this presentation. Starts at the corner of 4th and Broadway! His comments will touch on five relevant topics Party culture, Stonewall and the Gay Liberation Front, the revolutionary movements of the s and s, the labor movement, and the relevance of Marxism for LGBTQ liberation. The format of the meeting will be informal and the floor will be open for questions and discussion throughout the meeting.

We'll be hearing from voices from all over the state who are witnessing fracking in their own communities and organizing against it.

Our goal, is to show the overwhelming number of Californians who will take the long trek to Sacramento to make it clear that climate leaders don't frack. A bus is leaving from the Irvine Transportation Center. Trainers will include Dr. We'll also have a representative from NationBuilder on hand to discuss the strategic use of a campaign website. Candidates and staff are encouraged to attend.

If you are a candidate, considering running for office, or are helping a candidate this election cycle, we encourage you to attend. Click here to contact Teray Stephens to learn more about this training nwpcoc. Mar 15 Saturday am-noon, Fullerton: Rally at Representative Royce's Women's Conference to protest Royce's votes against raising the minimum wage, equal work for equal pay, and other efforts to support women, families and children.

Map and Directions Make sign no wooden stakes about any issues important to you. Please join the rally for one or more hours. Walk down the hill on Bastenchury to Rolling Hills Park. Standing at the corner of Bastenchury and State College right next to the oil well would be a good place to position yourself if you need to rest! We will demonstrate on Bastenchury, between State College and Brea Blvd, right next to the 6 oil wells that are being fracked.

Broadway Join us as we develop awareness about OC's school-to-deportation pipeline here in Santa Ana. Join the League of Women Voters in the second session of a study of the important issue of food safety and the federal regulation and financial support of agriculture. Learn what is currently done and what could be done to protect the safety of our food. The outcome of this study will enable the League to educate and advocate both locally and nationally on this issue.

Avon Pl. The Really, Really Free Market RRFM movement is a horizontally-organized collective of individuals who form a temporary market based on an alternative gift economy. The RRFM movement aims to counteract capitalism in a proactive way. It holds as a major goal to build a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all. We will also consider other homemade non-comestibles soaps, beauty products, etc on a case-by-case basis; these need to be approved in advance of the event.

Find more details, including tickets, at: cocfs-almostspring I have a fabulous staff, but I am counting on your help so please join us for cocktails and appetizers. We will also have a kids' space with cultural coloring activities and a kids' film "The Secret of the Kells. Walmart Associates want to do the best job they can. They go to work every day and are proud of the job they do. One year ago, Walmart said it would provide Associates the opportunity to work more hours and make available more full-time positions.

Tell Walmart to keep its promise and give workers the hours they need to survive! Our speakers are Joe Shaw and Michael Kinslow. He is one of the leading environmentalist in Orange County's Democratic Party and will be speaking about water issues generally and is in a position to provide frontline information surrounding the proposed Poseidon desalination plant in Huntington Beach.

Michael is an attorney and our club's vice-president who also serves as the chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County's Environmental Committee. Michael will be sharing an overview of the environmental issues in the recently adopted platform of the Democratic Party of California and update on the fracking demonstration taking place this weekend in Sacramento from which he will have recently returned. Many remain homeless because they cannot access affordable housing, permanent supportive housing, medical care, or benefits.

Due to the lack of year-round emergency shelter, many homeless individuals are forced to live in public spaces and face criminal penalties for engaging in necessary activities - like sleeping in public - that are a direct result of their homeless status. This event is free and open to the public. For information contact Miguel at mcruz aclu-sc. Please RSVP to: scnj66 yahoo.

Please contact Norm Rosenkrantz at for information and gate access. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at high stakes investigation, leaving us with haunting questions about freedom and democracy, war and justice. Has your son or daughter been negatively impacted by a deportation in the family?

Has your son or daughter been deported? Want to know more about the School to Deportation Pipeline? We invite teachers, students, parents and community members to come to this historic forum that will address the educational impact of immigration policies.

This presentation will give us a basic outline of the civil rights that protect us from government intrusion into our privacy, protect us while under arrest and during the criminal justice process. Mar 22 Saturday 9ampm, Anaheim: Girls Teen Leadership Conference Loara High School, W Cerritos Ave Join us for a full-day conference, where you'll hear from local female professionals who will discuss their career paths, lessons they wished someone would have shared with them when they were your age, and tips for planning your own unique leadership path.

Join us to start planning how YOU will become our next leader! Email us if you're coming: VickiS ocnow. If you are interested in helping us empower girls here in Orange County, click here to sign up as a volunteer.

We will have food, speakers, opportunities to volunteer and fun activities for the whole family. Santa Ana Blvd between Sycamore and Broadway. Are you down for self-defense and self-determination?

Tired of facebook, voting, fake politicians and want to take it to the streets? Do you want to know what it's all about and how to do it? The goal is to have organized resistance to police oppression in our community.

Anyone interested in joining Copwatch Santa Ana is invited. Cindy Sheehan, Ruby Dillon, attorney Athina Powers and others will be informing the public about an alarming trend in the courts and what needs to be done to protect women and children. Contact is Bea Foster, Click here to purchase your ticket. Thank you for your prayers and support of UC workers. Many activities are planned throughout the day: from performers and artists, to faculty and student panels sharing narratives on their work.

The documentary: The Struggle in the Fields will be shown in the evening, with a preview clip of the New Cesar Chavez film, opening in theaters on Friday, March The evening benefits The Harvest Club of Orange County, harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish our neighbors in need.

For tickets and info, visit www. Our second speaker is Suzanne Savary, Ph. The film will be followed by a panel discussion on the current status of immigrants and immigration reform in the country today. Everyone is welcome.

Meetings are free. More info at stacylee yahoo. Mar 27 Thursday 7pm, Irvine: Amnesty International group Irvine United Congregational Church, Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA At our meeting we will be writing letters for current actions and discussing further events, in particular the film festival planned for April to commemorate Genocide Prevention Month.

We want to educate parents and anyone interested in how to be efficient and how to provide resources across the United States. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. Details on location are coming shortly! The training will take place tentatively from 8am to 5pm. Signs will be provided. Royce of its urgency and importance. We will Stand on the Side of Love, sing, journal, write letters, read, and engage the community.

Please join us for all or part of the time. RSVPs to debbiela pacbell. Mar 30 Sunday 7pm, Newport Beach: St. Mark Presbyterian Church will host Dr. Euclid Ave, Pasadena. Newport Beach. The topic is Restorative Community Conferencing. To share the results of our Homeless count and celebrate the collective successes of all working toward ending homelessness including faith-based organizations, the City of Anaheim, the Anaheim Police Department, non-profits, and other people of goodwill.

This information is vital in our efforts to establish a year-round emergency shelter with a multi-service center in Anaheim. For more information visit anaheimptf. If you can't make this meeting, but have any questions, please feel free to contact us through irvine uaw We meet on the patio but it's protected by awnings now and it's warm and cozy.

Enjoy an appetizer or full meal, progressive friends and ideas. Find new ways to get involved in Orange County's progressive community and organizations. Because we are hoping to reduce paper waste by including all announcements in the agenda packet, please submit announcements in writing to dfaoc.

If you have questions, please send them to dfaoc. For all event details, film trailers, list of community partners, and RSVP: livingubuntu. Apr 3 Thursday 4am-4am, Irvine: UAW On Strike UC Irvine Teaching assistants, readers, and tutors here at UC Irvine will be going on an all-day strike on Thursday, April 3rd, joined by all UC campuses across the state, to challenge a number of unfair labor practices committed by UC management during the course of its negotiations with our union.

Please follow this page and our blog, irvineuaw. Picket lines will be going all day, with a convergence at noon at the flagpoles. We'll be holding a final information town hall session on Tuesday. Alex Rivera is a digital media artist and filmmaker who has spent the past fifteen years using a variety of forms to explore issues of labor, migration and cross-border communities.

More recently, Rivera has teamed up with singers like Aloe Blacc and the LA-based group La Santa Cecilia to produce music videos to raise awareness about immigration issues. Rivera will present some of his work and reflect on his role as an artist in this political moment.

Tax ID Candidate Betty Yee has confirmed. She is currently serving on the State Board of Equalization. Following their presentations there will be time for questions. Bill Honigman, whittierpeace. Your time has come, California. It is time to unite on April 4th along with the rest of the world in a wave of peaceful actions.

April 4th was chosen because it is the anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination. He rallied people for civil rights in peaceful movements that gained national attention and change. Various groups are coming together in their communities to rally, including Anonymous and Occupy. We will rally, parade, get on our soapbox and others will be there to speak about civil rights!

This is a peaceful protest and a rally for justice. In , James Schamus learned that his wife, the peace activist and novelist, Nancy Kricorian, had been under surveillance by the Division of Homeland Security for over a year. A few pages of her file were "reluctantly coughed up" by the authorities, and Dr.

Schamus was struck by the word "Narrative" at the top of a hugely-redacted document that was as ominous for what it left out as for what it revealed. The experience got him thinking: how much could we learn from the "huge, story-producing industry" that is Homeland Security? His provocative lecture draws from his own academic study of narrative forms and narrative theory, as well as from directors like Alfred Hitchcock and films like The Bourne Identity.

More events may be added. Please check this page as we get closes to April 5th for a finalized agenda of the day's events. LEARN about todays vital issues! Chapter For more information, please contact Felicity Figueroa or felicitynf aol. Women For: Orange County is a grassroots advocacy and educational organization. As engaged members of the community, we take action on local, state, national, and international issues.

We believe in building a more inclusive democracy, cultivating peace by meeting human and environmental needs, empowering women, and creating a sustainable world of shared prosperity, freedom, and justice. Networking with like-minded groups, we focus on the following goals to help enact our shared vision. In a few cases, groups have been included that deal with controversial issues on which Women For: Orange County has not taken a public stand.

Thus you may encounter conflicting views on the same issue, and may address these issues as you deem proper. No participating organization may be anti-choice, racist, or sexist. Get ideas on how Santa Ana can become a more bike friendly city. Zero Waste Business Council. Stephanie will discuss the latest with regards to what her organization is currently working on. As progressive women, we all care about the environment and what we can do to help make a greener, safer world for our children.

We will have our regular club meeting at 6pm. Eran is a former combat soldier, formerly chief researcher for Breaking the Silence an organization of veteran IDF soldiers that raises awareness to human rights abuses in Palestine , and has since worked as an investigative journalist covering the IDF and Israel's weapon trade. Maya is a conscientious objector who spent time in prison for refusing service. Please come with your questions as they highlight their experiences. We will also be selling great Palestinian products.

Future speaker topics-fracking in OC! Join us to find out what the Carbon Tax is!!!! Anila Ali, a middle school teacher and Democratic candidate for the 74th Assembly District, will be participating with the four Republican candidates for the 74th Assembly District. Reception from pm includes free appetizers and drinks available for purchase. The event is free to non-members of Speak Up Newport. The program lasts from to pm. For more information visit www.

The evening's speaker will be Jose Solario, former California Assemblyman and current candidate for the California Senate from the 34th District. He's a Rancho Santiago Community College trustee and holds a master's degree in public policy from Harvard University.

Solario has focused his efforts towards education, job creation, public safety and infrastructure improvements. Please respond by e-mail by Sunday, April 6, to kenton cox.

Join us to learn about opportunities to get involved in campaigns and help elect Democrats to key offices. Attention all queer youth advocates and allies, adults, and GSA advisors!

Please save the date for Saturday, May This is a free, fun and empowering event, filled with a variety of workshops ranging from social justice and advocacy work to self-healing.

This is also a great opportunity to network with other youth from around OC. A will be marching from his office to the Santa Ana old courthouse Jeff will discuss his life's work of political activism, anti-war non-violent actions, and advocacy for the homeless poor. A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

Apr 12 Saturday am, Fountain Valley: 17th Annual Walk out of Poverty Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Ward St more than people from across Southern California will gather together to show their support for people around the world that are living in situations of poverty. Please contact Teri for more details. It will be at the parking lot of Mexicanisimo. We also need volunteers to wash cars!

Spread the word!! There will be NO destruction or defacing of property, there will be NO violence. Further details to follow. Come hear about the struggle to stop collaboration between local police and federal immigration. Learn about the struggles of undocumented families, day laborers and undocumented students in OC. Bring your friends to support local women artists.

Enjoy great gifts, refreshments, silent auctions. For this session we will study Part two. Sue Savary, 48th CD.

He is the son of an Israeli general who conducted the war and later became a peace activist. Growing up in Jerusalem, Miko now lives in San Diego, and has followed in his father's footsteps as a prominent advocate for peace. He is the author of " The General's Son ". Please join us for this special event. Discussion will follow. Come hear WHY her re-election is so important to Democrats! Please bring nonperishable food items for South County Outreach. For info, call Sue Dearing at lw-dems. Doors open at , forum is Not anymore.

For more information please contact Fran Faraz: ffarazdagi gwc. The Summit provides an avenue for individuals to discover societal disparities and overall global concerns while promoting social change and volunteerism, through education, empowerment, and action.

Online Registration is now open; visit www. Apr 19 Saturday pm, Laguna Niguel: Awakening the Dreamer Symposium Estacia Avenue The Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is a transformative workshop designed to help you tap into your personal potential to create a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

The presentation is a full look at vivisection. Apr 21 Monday ampm, Irvine: Women In Leadership lunch with Sandra Fluke University Club, Peltason Although best known for her advocacy for gender equality and reproductive justice, for the last decade, Sandra Fluke has devoted her career to public interest advocacy for numerous social justice concerns, such as LGBTQ rights, worker rights, economic justice, immigrant rights, and international human rights, including focusing on the impact to communities of color.

She then testified before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on the importance of women's own private insurance covering contraception. Despite ongoing personal attacks, she continues speak out for social justice across news outlets, and addressed the Democratic National Convention. She served as a surrogate for the President in his reelection campaign, and helped elect over a dozen progressive candidates to Congress. Continuing her public advocacy, she speaks to audiences across the country, in addition to her legislative policy work in Sacramento and D.

No vigil on April 22nd. Maxwell Crraher Dana McMullan.. There is no charge for this event. Fed up with business as usual, Californians recalled Governor Gray Davis and replaced him with a celebrity who pledged to clean up government.

The Recall's Broken Promise details how Arnold Schwarzenegger then shattered political fundraising records, attacked campaign finance restrictions, blurred ethical boundaries, and how politicians of both parties have killed needed reforms.

Batavia Street, A documentary currently in production about the commitment and actions of people in Northern Ireland to create a shared future following decades of sectarian conflict. This is an opportunity to see excerpts from this powerful work-in-progress and to reflect and dialogue about peace, reconciliation and community. She does this as leader of L'Arche Ireland and Northern Ireland, and through leadership coaching sessions, international workshops and retreats.

She serves on the Board of Directors for Mediators Beyond Borders International, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a more peace 'able' world. Tanner Kling- has produced and directed multiple projects from animation, narrative, and short docu-series. Learn how to take control of the conversation and convey your message clearly. Together, we'll lay the foundation for a broad conversation about deportations in Orange County and take steps to advance our agenda of human rights and family unity.

This training is designed for Coalition members and allies. Keynote address by Jeffrey D. I look forward to seeing you all and feel free to invite someone you think might be interested. We have room for people to attend. All the best, Alex anagy fwwatch. Ask about joining the Host Committee!

Visit Jim's website at: www. Location: Birch Park, Santa Ana. Get Out the Vote initial meeting to form a new national organization.

The organization will be an active nonpartisan coalition of groups and individuals dedicated to getting people more personally involved with the future director of the country locally and nationally.

Kate Nikolenko and Guy Johnson are heading up the new group. Location: Kate's Place. RSVP for directions: sofztk8 aol. Help get a progressive elected to CD 45! John Campbell is retiring and now is our chance to take this district. Visit Drew's website at www. For additional information, contact Teray Stephens: teray stephensconsultinggroup.

They can also sign the petition to free Mary McCulley once and for all here. The events will highlight the history, significance, modern impacts, and much more information surrounding the injustices of the conflict through informative discussions, creative expressions, and interactive displays.

Preprogram 2pm March 3pm Program pm ocmdc. Come watch ' Duma ,' a movie about acts of sexual violence committed against Palestinian women. There will be a broader discussion afterwards led by Loubna Qutami. There will be refreshments. Cressman has a previous obligation.

CA Senator Alex Padilla's campaign hopes their schedule will allow them to be represented. Dinner and Socializing at 6. This affects all Northern OC cities! RSVP to jennifer stopfrackingbrea.

As they return from Iraq, nothing is clear. They are in-between, they are on the bridge. Their bodies and souls have been wounded or broken. How can they re-learn what it means to be human and stay in the world of the living?

The film's primary role is to break down stereotypes and stigmas related to PTSD and the representations, or rather misrepresentations, of Iraq War veterans through raising awareness about what being a veteran means today.

If you purchase any food please let the cashier know you are with our group so we are credited with your purchases. Howard Johnsons Hotel freethoughtalliance. Romneya Dr. Visit www. Lynn will speak at services starting at 9am and 11am. A coffee will be held after each service with the opportunity to meet Rev. Services are open to all. Americans United recently brought a case to the US Supreme Court on prayer at city council meeting and the outcome would have impact throughout the country.

For more info, www. Contribute online at www. We'll have our usual peace rally with a moment to remember Tim Carpenter. Their job is to increase participation in elections, from publishing materials to recruiting poll workers. They will be there to answer any questions you have about how elections are conducted and how you can help.

Just before the barricade, turn left down onto the campus. Doors open at 4 pm. Film will begin at pm. Sponsored by "Ready for Hillary, OC. We will also be helping to register voters for and beyond, and discussing the role of women in high political office.

Please Note the change in location. Please RSVP. ICE release them now! Come early to sign up for public comments and let the council know that we are tired of them paying off their debt at the expense of our hard working immigrant communities. Not 1 more! No mas deportaciones! White Room Unnatural Causes explores the root causes of our alarming socio-economic and racial inequities in health. The episode will address: How does the distribution of power, wealth and resources shape opportunities for health?

A discussion will be led by two doctor in the medical field. Food Provided. RSVP: docs. In it's spot is a bounce house!!! Besides his analysis of President Obama's foreign policy strategies, Dr. Lakoff will bring us up-to-date on the constantly changing picture of the Middle East. Lakoff has long maintained expertise in the Middle East, analyzing U.

Creating Change Conference! The Creating Change Conference convenes and welcomes people of varying, diverse, and divergent political opinions and views and strategic focus. Our individual and collective capacity to hold multiple perspectives, even when we disagree, is a valuable movement-building tool.

We invite all of us to challenge our assumptions about each other and our complex identities. Creating Change brings together a diverse group of people that reaches far and wide into our communities.

While being and embracing our full selves can be exhilarating, this can be overwhelming and challenging, too. We each have different and varied ways of taking care of ourselves. The Task Force and Creating Change staff have crafted a program of Community Care Services to support all of us--emotionally, creatively, artistically and spiritually.

Look for exact locations of these support spaces on the conference grid schedule. Thank you for being with us in the DMV! Join us as we learn how to tell your story; connect with your Congressional lawmakers; and take our resistance agenda to Capitol Hill! For more information, visit creatingchange. Schedule at a Glance Wednesday, January 24, am — pm pm — pm pm — pm pm. Thursday, January 25, am — Midnight am — pm am — pm am — pm am - pm PM -- PM. Friday, January 26, am am — Midnight am - pm am — pm am — pm am — am am —pm am — am am — pm pm pm — pm pm — pm.

Saturday, January 27, am am — Midnight am -- pm am — pm am — pm am — am am — pm am — am am — pm pm — pm pm — pm pm — pm pm — pm pm — pm pm pm — pm pm pm pm pm. Gather in the Marriott Ballroom with coat, hat and gloves. Boomers and Millennials Dance. All Ages! Welcome to Washington, DC. It has been relentless. The Trump administration has sought to destroy our many advances, while scapegoating the most marginalized people in the country.

Today, as we convene for a thirtieth time, I invite you to take the space you need to be you, to be in community, to recharge, to be inspiring, and to find the resilience here you will need to head home and take on the next year.

Your voice is needed. You are needed. Together, we will create the change we need to move towards full freedom, justice, equality, and equity. We will miss you, Sue!

We could not do this amazing event without you and the hundreds of volunteers who make the Creating Change Conference happen.

Thank you! Enjoy and inspire! We thank and appreciate these organizations and people who helped make Creating Change a great success! Bastian Foundation David Bohnett Foundation. Imani Woody. The District of Columbia is proud to welcome you to an historic milestone for Creating Change in an historic moment for all our communities. We are proud to welcome you to the District of Columbia; the entire region opens its arms to you. Since , the District of Columbia has protected residents and visitors from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in housing, employment, government services, and education.

However, despite legal advances and change on the policy level the District of Columbia is home to an LGBTQ community that is vulnerable to poverty, gentrification, health disparities, racism and violence. The contrast of great success on the policy level alongside difficult lived experiences for many, especially queer people of color, in Washington, DC is nothing short of a clarion call for our movement.

We are called to be organized and united towards creating change on a deeper level than what can be achieved solely by government interventions--so that our work as a movement is not completed when a privileged few achieve a sense of equality but continues onward towards justice, liberation and prosperity for all of us.

Our Host Committee also includes members from Maryland, which went from being the first state to define marriage as between a man and a woman to joining Maine and Washington in as the first states to win marriage equality at the ballot.

As the first time that the Host Committee for Creating Change has included five people of color, we could not be more excited to bring to you this weekend the product of months of engaging our local communities--from the warm smile of the volunteers that greet you throughout the conference, to the local programming, arts, and culture at workshops and Hospitality Suites.

We look forward to working, playing, struggling, laughing, and loving with you this weekend to celebrate 30 years of Creating Change and to build the foundation for the next Together for one goal. Gilead proudly supports the Creating Change Conference. For videos and more information, visit YouTube. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

All rights reserved. We want everyone here. To that end, we want to remind everyone of guiding principles that are essential to maintaining respectful and positive space for each other. There are two fundamental principles to the Creating Change Conference: human rights and solidarity. Sexual harassment and other forms of violence strike at the heart of both.

Harassment, violence and bigotry create feelings of fear, uneasiness, humiliation and discomfort. They are expressions of perceived power and superiority by the harasser over another person. Sometimes, even when our actions are not intentionally hurtful, what we say and do can hurt others or make them feel uncomfortable. Sexual harassment is a form of sexual violence.

We want to remind you that, if you are thinking about hooking up, consent is essential. Please be sure that all involved have similar expectations. And please play safe! Creating Change is proud to host a beautiful and diverse LGBTQ and allied community where vibrant diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression is welcome.

It is all our responsibility to ensure that each member of our LGBTQ and ally family feels welcome and affirmed. Thank you for your help in ensuring that Creating Change is an environment where all participants feel safe, comfortable and celebrated as members of the Creating Change family.

If you experience sexual harassment or violence or feel threatened, please ask to speak with the Conference Director who can be contacted in the Registration area on the Lobby Level. Do not mistake our fluidity for confusion, irresponsibility, or an inability to commit. Do not equate promiscuity, infidelity, or unsafe sexual behavior with bisexuality. Those are human traits that cross all sexual orientations.

The bisexual movement has a history that is erased as often as our identity is. We have political theorists and cultural workers like Jordan and others who have asserted our unique perspective within the context of social justice and have placed our sexual orientation at the center of our political analysis. Another significant aspect of the bi community is how people choose different personal identity labels to identify themselves within the bisexual spectrum, including these commonly used terms: pansexual, fluid, queer, multisexual, non-monosexual, omnisexual, and polysexual.

In fact, there are some who prefer no labels. Be positive about all relationships — monogamous, polyamorous, or anything else. Take a moment before asking questions and look into the assumptions behind them. Special thanks to Aud Traher for additional insights.

To ensure that the transgender and gender nonconforming transgender, transsexual, genderqueer and more members of our community and movement feel included by all who attend Creating Change, please read and act upon the following. You cannot know the gender or sex of someone by their physical body, voice, or mannerisms. In bathrooms, many transgender people face harassment that can lead to anything from deep discomfort to arrest or death.

Regardless of what bathroom you are in, please let everyone pee in peace. Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong. Do respect and call people what they ask you to call them. Do not justify the misstep, over-apologize or berate yourself. Educate yourself through books, web sites, and transgender-themed workshops. Then, please join the many hardworking allies who are working to respond appropriately to transphobic situations.

Respectful allies, who learn from and with transgender people and then educate others, are important for successful transgender liberation. Thank you for your help and have a great conference! Asexual and Aromantic Spectrum Etiquette and Inclusion Welcome to Creating Change and thank you for taking the time to learn about ace asexual spectrum and aromantic spectrum etiquette and inclusion.

Ace and aro erasure and invisibility are unfortunately still more common than inclusion and support, but we are working to change that, and these are some actions you can take to show your support. The asexual spectrum includes many additional identities, the most prevalent being gray-asexuality and demisexuality. Gray-asexuality is defined as the gray area between sexual and asexual, which may include, but is not limited to, low or infrequent sexual attraction, sexual attraction but a low sex drive, sexual attraction and drive but not enough to want to act on them, and many more.

Demisexual people do not experience sexual attraction before making a strong emotional connection. For example, after forming a romantic or queerplatonic relationship, demisexual people might experience sexual attraction. Aromantic people do not experience romantic attraction. Romantic attraction is a distinct dimension from sexual attraction, and while they are often the same for any one individual for example, someone can be bisexual and bi-romantic, or asexual and aromantic , it is also possible for them to differ for example, for one person to be asexual and pan-.

Other asexual people do not identify with any romantic orientation or identify with rarer romantic labels. Unlike some other viruses, the human body cannot get rid of HIV. No cure currently exists for HIV, but scientists are working hard to find one, and remain hopeful. However, today, with proper medical care and strong support systems, those living with HIV can control their virus and even reverse much of the damage caused by HIV and dramatically prolong the lives of many HIV positive people to normal life expectancy and lower their chance of spreading the virus to others.

Since its discovery in , 1. Currently, 1. You cannot become infected from a toilet seat, a drinking fountain, a door knob, dishes, drinking glasses, food, cigarettes, pets, or insects. HIV is not spread through the air, and it does not live long outside the body.

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