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Pretty straightforward one here, guy ends up in the emergency room because his boyfriend poured ready mix concrete up his butt. Two actual people did this voluntarily because they thought it would feel good. All of this is sort of based on science. Klismaphilia is a fetish that involves receiving sexual arousal from introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus, in other words, enemas. Klismaphiliacs can apparently gain satisfaction through enema fantasies, by actually receiving one, or through the process of eliminating steps to receiving one.

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She had made it about ten yards when she felt the force fo the guard hit her square in the back. Exame and enema beautiful girl at the gynecologist gynman. The Doggie posters was stuffed into her mouth and duct tape was palced over it, holding it in her mouth. She awoke eneam as a huge bucket of water was splashed onto her. This pattern continued almost every other day. Babe gets enema and squirts in femdom eenma min Marinvulle - 2. She passed out from the pain. Natalia Messes Diaper diapersR4eva. Just wanted to point something out here. Live Cam Models - Online Now. She enfma to ignore the vibrating intruder in her pussy but it seemed the more she tried, the more it Cement enema drawn to her attention. Most people with bipolar disorder like my mother and sister have "episodes" Cement enema from weeks to months. The guard was gone.

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  • Author's Note: Okay, so this is my first sex story I have ever written and I understand that many of you will find the ending completely unbelievable and a let down but I feel like every once in a while, something good should come from this kind of love and bondage.
  • LexyK's Colonic and Enema Part 1.

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Sign In Create Account. This article describes an unusual rectal foreign body resulting from homosexual anal erotic activities. The patient had used an enema containing a concrete mix which became impacted and required surgical removal.

The use, abuse, and complications of enemas are reviewed. Read this article multiple options. Phillip Wenzell wrote: 0. Anal erotic instrumentation. A surgical problem. Traumatic rectal hematoma following anal rape. Amplification of the erotic enema deviance. Rectal perforations after barium enema: a review. Retrieval of a rectal foreign body using enemas in a year-old boy. Social injuries of the rectum. Rectal fist insertion. An unusual form of sexual behavior. Trans-anal rectal injuries.

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The man didn't give her a chance to catch her breath as it began moving again and she soon had to walk behind it. The man then picked her up and brought her into the other room. Natalia Messes Diaper diapersR4eva. Wam enema lez squirt milk. The woman shivered as he brushed against her nipples and he pinched each one between two fingers and twisted slowly. It soon reached her shoulders and had just begun to curve up her body when she suddenly stopped being lowered.

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The floor was made of wet cement and above it was a hook. One man grabbed the hook and slid it through the carabineer on her harness. The man then let go of her and she swung out over the ocean of wet cement, her arms pointing up towards the ceiling but she could do nothing to unhook her.

The hook began to lower her and it stopped right as she felt the damp cement on the tip of her butt, the tube already sunk into it.

It felt cold against her skin, like a goo that was slowly covering her entire body. It soon reached her shoulders and had just begun to curve up her body when she suddenly stopped being lowered. A man leaned over the cement and grabbed her legs and lifted them up so they matched her outstretched arms, making it look like she was sitting on her back, waiting for a hug while another man slowly pushed her stomach completely under the cement. The cement slowly dried and she was soon locked forever in that position.

George walked into the room and say the blonde beauty successfully secured into the floor of it. Her legs were out and to the side, leaving her pussy available to anyone who wanted it. The cement covered her stomach, thrusting her large breast out of the cement.

Her head was resting on the cement, a flannel jacket underneath it like a pillow. Tears were running down her face as she began to realize that she was now stuck into the floor and made into an easily fuckable position that she would never ever be able to get out of.

Her knees could bend, and rest on the floor and the bands were removed from her elbows so they were also free but with her shoulders covered in the cement, there wasn't much she could do.

That tube that runs into your asshole will remove any solid waste you need to get rid of, which is something you need because with your stomach under the cement like that, you cannot put on any extra weight or you could die. Me or one of my workers here will come in three times a day to feed you and in return, they will fuck you in either your mouth or your pussy. Your arms are also free in case they just want a handjob from you.

Oh, and I suggest you do it because the food comes, or doesn't come, after the servicing, which means they can chose not to feed you. Now, lets get to fucking this bitch" George told her and then he pulled his dick through the zipper hole in his pants and shoved his penis into her inviting pussy.

His arms grasped her breasts. To the men standing around, it looked almost like their boss was dry humping the ground, with only her legs, breasts, and head sticking out from the ground.

Sam felt an orgasm growing and soon she exploded with pleasure. However, because her body was pinned down, the only things that shook was her legs, her head, and her breasts. The 30DD's slammed into the floor with each swing and she knew that they would soon bruise from all the impact, which should make them happy because that means they would grow.

George came a second after her and the two of them screamed with delight and pain as his cum raced towards her womb. Samantha realized with hope that, if she got pregnant, they would have to get her out of there soon or else she and the baby could die.

Thats when she realized that might be their plan all along. George got up, grabbed a towel and wiped his dick off and shoved it back into his pants and zipped them up.

He then nodded to one of the men and he began to pull his penis out. Sam watched as George left the room without looking back at the woman whose life he ruined. Epilogue Sam got pregnant after a month in captivity and she was drilled out of the cement and given freedom to leave but Sam couldn't leave. That month had changed her immensely. George's wife Barbra, came in at least twice a week and Sam learned how to pleasure a woman and in return, Barbra pleasured her.

After about two weeks, they were having long sessions of 69 and Sam soon fell in love with Barbra and mainly her pussy. The guard who had initially tackled her came in and apologized and introduced himself. Of course, he did whie he was sitting next to her and she was giving him a handjob.

James became her favorite man to have sex with and he came in twice a day to feed her, most of the time just talking to her and not even getting anything out of it. Sam realized that he must feel guilty about being part of her capture.

George also became nicer to her and soon had the newspaper given to her every day but the next, he had it removed and he whipped her bare breasts for ten minutes straight. This pattern continued almost every other day. She couldn't figure out this was happening so she asked Barbra one day. She told her that George had a bad case of bipolar where literally every other day he was happy and then the next angry. Sam then joked that if she had just come a day later, he probably would've just given her the interview and sent her on her way and Barbra agreed, laughing.

When Sam found out she was pregnant, she waited for a day that George was happy to ask to removed from the cement. He agreed and together, James and the other men carefully used jack hammers to dig her out.

She pent an entire week chained to the bed in the guest room while she recooperated from her captivity until finally George, James, and Barbra came in and released her. She left and lasted almost two days in the real world but it just seemed so trivial compared to the pleasure she got from eating out Barbra or just talking to James.

She packed up a bunch of her stuff and asked George if she could move in with them, t which he replied "of course" and then French kissed her on the mouth and she kissed him back. She moved in with James in his residence on Georges land and they have sex every night. She also has relations with Barbra every other day while George took on the role of father and he never had sex with her again. Sam had found herself a paradise filled with sex and happiness and she was never going to leave.

Wednesday, June 15, Saturday, December 31, Thursday, December 29, Just wanted to point something out here. Being placed in cement would kill a person. She wouldn't have last the amount of time you described.

Saturday, December 24, Good story. Always room for improvement, but all in all nicely done. I wonder how things would have turned out if the men all thought to use contraception? Friday, December 23, Not even remotely.

Not even "a bad case" of it. I can put up with some unrealistic scenarios for the sake of it being a "fantasy", but at least take care not to offend people. This is a ridiculously common misconception. If you're "bipolar" and your mood changes every single day, there's something else going on that's probably a lot more dangerous.

Most people with bipolar disorder like my mother and sister have "episodes" lasting from weeks to months. A month of ecstasy, three of depression. It doesn't switch by the day. Sorry for the mini-rant, but since everyone else has already pointed out the other issues that I have with the story, I thought I'd better mention this.

I see where it says 'don;t review the grammar', so I won't, but there is NO excuse for failure to use SpelChek. Thursday, December 22, I like how you gave it a non-grim ending, and I love glue or cement premises ironic considering I dislike grim endings , but I personally think the ending could use a bit more development.

Conversely, you could just focus on the cement predicament itself, but that would require a bad for the character ending. Wednesday, December 21, It feels too rushed, George's sudden shift in character and the sudden introduction of Barbra out of the blue puts the whole thing off, even the guard becoming kinder and all.

It destroys the build-up you had when you started the story. Um, it's not so much that the epilogue is unbelievable, but that it's a sudden change in direction. We jump from Samantha suddenly realizing her predicament and being taken advantage of for the first time to the epilogue a month later when she's all good with her situation, has completely changed her feelings and everyone lives happily ever after.

It's like I'm missing the middle hour of a two hour movie. I also don't see any torture in this story. I'm not going to bad-mouth this story even though there are numerous errors and its premise is unbelievable in places. Crap, I just did it anyway! JayCoolio, I really did enjoy this story. It made me laugh several times. You're right about the ending, and it being your story gives you the right to end it however pleases you. Keep submitting stories! Please support the author by leaving your own feedback on the story, good or bad.

Be constructive in your comments and email the author directly with spelling and grammatical errors. Outdoor enema punishment. Babe gets enema and squirts in femdom. Advanced Enema Slave Training Enema Masturbation Orgasm.

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