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Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Plainly and simply stated, there is a lot of time. Time does not care about the circle of life or evolution. It does not have emotions; love and hate mean nothing to time. It just exists.

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm

He didn't feel it yet, but he knew he would. An arc has to be seen in the context of the whole season, not as a stand alone. The Doctor: Never say never ever. This is how I feel. June 28, They're evil murderers. Rubbing his jackhammering head, he looked around for his clothes and saw them in a trail from the door to the bed. The Letter by frankiefirstyear reviews Sirius writes a letter to Newt Scamandar in protest of Newt's description of Werewolves. The guy looked strange, blobby, his bones blurry and hard to Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm with X-ray vision.

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Clark floated them onto a bed where they rested. She found she desperately wanted to see Clark explode. Something had to Chloe could only stare in helpless fascination. With her confidence spiked, Chloe went to town on Clark's big cock. And then some. He had taken down a missile. Chapter 2. Clark attacked her breasts with vigorous sucking. Chapter 38 Leslie grabbed her by her earing and pulled the woman up. So Clark quickly sweeps around the basement floor cleaning up all the mess that he and Chloe made before scooping up both of their clothes. His balls emptied their way into the feisty Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm. I'll get you a towel and carry you out of here" Clark says softly to Chloe.

That scene was so iconic!!

  • The Reach Invasion only broke the door open for something bigger.
  • Chloe tried cupping all of the hardness protruding from the front of Clark's jeans, but it was larger than her palm.
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  • Summary: Clark and Chloe finally make love.
  • Pushing deep inside her makes Chloe arch her back and she starts banging her closed fists onto the desk as she cries out from her orgasm.
  • She finally finishes her page article titled 'Why The World needs a Hero' and as she switches off her computer the young blonde leans back in her chair and rubs her sleep filed eyes.

This Heart, Fossilized and Silent Once Was Tender and Once Was Violent :: ao3 link Clarke is only three days into being a runaway when she realizes that she did not fully think this through. When she walked away from Camp Jaha, she took only herself, a handgun with limited ammunition, and the gnawing guilt inside her. Three days without food, water, fresh clothing, or bedding of any kind, however, and she is painfully aware of how foolish that decision had been.

It takes Clarke and Lexa about five seconds to fall in love, but it takes them way too long to realize it. This is that way-too-long. Now that she is standing in front of her, Clarke realizes what a fool she was to think that she could ever move on, that she could ever forget.

Her first chat proves to be more difficult than she had anticipated, but once it is over, she can't stop thinking about it, and she can't quite let it go. Or Clarke helps Lexa through the toughest time of her life. Now, they are different people with different lovers and different lives, but neither ever fully let the other go. Will what they once had still be all they are looking for, or is it finally time to truly let go and move on?

This one thing, and I'll leave you alone. Please, Anya. Tell her I'll wait for her every Sunday at 10 AM where we first met. Rain or shine, I'll be there. Until she comes. To forgive me, or to tell me to stop because she's moved on and found someone else and I've lost the best thing that's ever happened to me. Please tell her that for me. Clarke patiently waits for her every Sunday at the place they met, for 2 years, hoping to see those green eyes again.

Will she come? Trapped in a small town, dead-end waitressing job, and a loveless marriage, Clarke Griffin finds herself faced with an unwanted pregnancy. She finds solace only in her gift for baking pies and the company of a young doctor named Lexa Woodward. They grow up together in pieces, scattered here and there, like an unfinished puzzle.

In moments, sometimes tender and sometimes turbulent. In both careful and careless connection. They collide as two roads converging. Two paths always intended to meet. Forever doesn't seem like a very long time when you're sixteen and in love. When you're eighteen and unsure of where you are going or what you are doing with your life however, forever becomes one more terrifying unknown in an abyss of uncertainties.

Lexa loves Clarke too much to ask her to wait for her; Clarke loves Lexa too much to want to do anything else, but when she has no idea if she'll even ever see the other girl again, will she be able to put her heart through that? Apart, will their love for each other survive, or will time prove that nothing truly lasts?

Does true love mean holding on no matter the hurt, or does it mean letting go? Neither Clarke nor Lexa know, but they're going to find out. Lexa Woods inherited her family company after her parents passed away, however, in order for Lexa to have total control of her company she has to be married.

The solution? Her best friend Clarke proposes to be her wife so Lexa can have the control back. Clarke and Lexa will fullfill the terms of the contract stipulated by the board and everything will be back to normal, or at least that was the initial plan, that is, until they start to develop romantic feelings for each other. Clarke and her two best friends since childhood, Raven and Octavia begin their first semester at Polis University.

As well as, Ravens new roommate Lexa Woods. Raven isn't a fan of the shy, nerdy and very socially awkward and anxious girl. Or simply Nerd! Lexa Also Lexa has aspergers. As Lexa walks past, giving the dog a wide berth, she spots a figure beside it. She frowns softly. Usually the homeless people Lexa sees are older males with scruffy beards, tugging shopping carts filled with cans.

But this girl on the bench, her golden hair streaming over her back, looks so out of place that Lexa almost stops. Most homeless tend to stay near the city, yet here she is, in the middle of the forest. Or: In which Lexa takes in two strays, but it's really herself that's saved in the process.

Clexa college! He fails to mention his heavily tattooed hockey player roommate in the process. Clarke watched Lexa almost bleed out before her eyes, and it is finally impossible for her to deny her own feelings.

But nothing is ever easy. Head over heart is a constant fight, Skaikru is still a problem, and a hidden threat lingers in the shadows. Clarke knows their future is uncertain, everything on the ground is, but she hasn't abandoned hope yet.

Hope for a life about more than just surviving. Hope for that small measure of peace, that everyone seeks, and very few ever find. After all, it was her decision to end their relationship, to choose her friends and family and career in Seattle over a life in DC with Clarke. But being here, with Clarke so close, is sending her careening so far off-kilter she doesn't even feel like she's standing anymore. Being this close to Clarke now feels like tumbling head over foot down an eternal hill, and she hates it.

Like she's morphed with that terrible material they make cubicle walls out of and she wants the world to know it. But christ, Clarke must be some sort of sick addiction for her because she still wants—craves—with a reckless lack of control that pricks goosebumps into her skin. It's the most watched Senate race around the country, and Clarke Griffin is running one hell of an underdog campaign against the favored Cage Wallace.

But she has a secret weapon that might save the campaign--and a secret that might ruin it. And both are named Lexa Ward. Clarke spends the winter resenting Lexa. But seasons change, and so do people. Afghanistan is already dangerous enough without their feelings getting in the way. But let's be real, these ladies are experts at falling in love in a war zone. She waved her hand around for a moment until- Oh. She just knocked over a blind woman.

A Blind! Lexa AU. Lexa has had a rough couple weeks, and Clarke has a plan to help her get the tension out and finally relax. This was supposed to be a little vignette of Clarke being the one taking care of her girl for a change, but it got out of hand and somehow became about 4k words of fluffy foreplay and 4k words of pure smut.

It's set in the canon world but in some vague magical future version where they got to have an actual relationship and worry about things other than Arkadia. Spoilers: Clarke washes her hair. A college au, more specifically, a friends with benefits au. This fic starts at the knife scene in the season 3 trailer and then takes on a life of its own from there. Happy ending included. Clarke thinks she'll never be able to forgive Lexa for walking away at Mount Weather. Lexa knows that the one she truly needs to forgive is herself.

But Clarke is shattered now, broken, possibly beyond repair. What will need to happen for the Sky Girl to finally be able to look past all of the horrible things she's done and finally forgive herself? More than either young leader can even begin to imagine. But a new enemy on the horizon, cracks within the grounder hierarchy that threaten Lexa's freshly-acquired charade of peace, and the reluctant desire to trust once more, makes her stay.

After Lexa's betrayal and the tragedy at Mount Weather, Clarke left her people, left civilization, but she's waiting for something else. Beneath the Betrayal is set right after the end of series two this explores the relationship between Clarke and Lexa and whether anything could possibly be salvaged in the aftermath of the mountain. Lots of angst, darkness and soul searching for both characters as well as the drama and danger that awaits them in leading their people against new threats.

Very NSFW in later chapters. This doesn't follow s3 at all guys except for how Polis looks and it has the Nightbloods, and Titus doesn't exist. This is going to be long and I hope to deliver a story worthy of how Clexa should have been. Clarke wakes up wearing the tattoos of the Ice Nation. Canon divergent from 2x Lexa Woods, mother of two and beloved wife, goes on her final tour with her older sister and second-in-command, Anya, in Tagab before she's to be relieved of active duty.

Everything goes as planned until a fateful roadside bombing leaves the two sisters separated. After Lexa and half of their crew are presumed as K. Anya comforts her younger sister's wife and children in attempts to honour her promise to Lexa. Only, as the years pass, her 'comfort' unforeseeably becomes something more to the both of them. Then -- by some miraculous twist of fate -- Lexa shows up five years later, changing everything.

No one can ever forget that there are two sides to every family.

Chapter 65 Terms of Service. It could not come soon enough. Chapter 92 Summary: Clark and Chloe finally make love.

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm.


Eccentrically Peculiar | FanFiction

Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Plainly and simply stated, there is a lot of time. Time does not care about the circle of life or evolution. It does not have emotions; love and hate mean nothing to time. It just exists. The human perception of how life unfolds has been pushed into one little word: time. But, does time just flow along like a river? Or, are there rapids and twists and turns and still waters?

Why does it seem to go so quickly some moments and insanely slow others? What if- what if you could bend time? Change it?

Fast-forward or rewind it? Freeze frame one special place forever? Or make an endless loop, of a day that you will never forget? Clark was lying on a soft bed in a dimly lit room. Lithe hands moved over his shoulders and down his lower torso, gently tickling and massaging him. The blue eyes of the hand's owner watched him and he smiled at the feelings of love radiating from them. Moaning, he moved towards the pleasant sensation, and deeply kissed the hungry mouth before him. The sensation of clothed skin rubbing against his naked body caused him to whimper with urgent need.

The twin mattress began to squeak in protest as they rocked together heavily, banging the headboard against the wall. Grinding his erection into the fabric-clad muscular leg harder, Clark moved towards climax. This was a desire that he didn't often feel during his waking hours, and he lusted for more as he cried out sharply in pleasure.

Clark hated waking up with a hard-on. A few years earlier, he would have had an embarrassing mess to clean up, but luckily that was a thing of the past. The sexual dream and its occupant faded from his mind as he turned off the alarm. Yawning and stretching, he reluctantly got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom to have his regular morning shower. Today was Friday, so he was mildly ecstatic that the week would finally be over. His screwed up joke of a life had gotten even more difficult lately.

Having endured about a million heart tests, his dad had recently come home from the hospital, as he had so bitterly complained about being 'cooped up like a hen chicken' since arriving back. It wasn't that Clark didn't care because it hurt to see his father this way; but, his dad stubbornly tried to do too much too fast.

Clark wanted to yell or just overall freak-out whenever he saw his dad lift, push, or move too quickly and start gasping for breath. No matter what Clark or his mom said, his father continually did the opposite, and it was driving him up the wall. To make things worse, his dad was now only slightly less moody and depressed than before he'd left, while his mother had been whole-heartedly worried and stressed in his absence.

And Clark was stuck somewhere in the middle. So, the overall atmosphere was now about the same as before, which made him even madder because 'things were supposed to be getting better' like his mom kept saying over and over to either him or herself.

Exhausted by too much thinking, Clark made his way downstairs into the kitchen inhaling a deep breath of something good. Analyzing his feelings, he realized that his parent's moods must have been rubbing off on him a little too much causing him to be unnaturally depressed, worried and stressed about everything. No, he was expected to be the happy-go-lucky Clark Kent that everyone adored, not some moody and mopey doppelganger version of himself.

Life had gotten more complicated everyday since Lex Luthor had hit him with his car. He wished he could turn back time to when he had merely thought that he was special instead of some Area 51 reject.

Life would be so much simpler. Like when he and Pete had used to collect tadpoles from the nearby pond, feed them and watch as they turned into frogs. Problems and Lex. He tried not to actively blame any of his current troubles on Lex or anyone else for that matter. But, his problems simply seemed to grow and multiply like some monstrous computer virus. For starters: Lionel Luther had practically super-glued himself to Clark's ass, continually asking him questions and getting much too close for comfort.

It was becoming quite upsetting. The urge to strangle the man was becoming just a bit harder to fight every day. Lionel Luthor made him sick.

Staring out of the front window to keenly watch his dad from a distance, Clark quickly went outside to zip through a couple of easy morning chores. During those boring minutes he couldn't stop feeling sorry for himself. Pete and Chloe were trying to start some sort of relationship, which was confusing in itself.

Chloe had seemed more than flattered by their elevator kiss, but that didn't mean they were now committed for life. Did it? Seeing them holding hands in the school's hallways practically icked him out. He couldn't stop feeling jealous about that fact that he didn't have anyone to hold hands with himself.

Lana — the girl he'd yearned for, dated briefly, then pushed so far away that there was now going to be a whole ocean between them — was leaving for Paris in a few weeks.

Lex was an entirely different matter. There was so much confusion and heartache that it simply scared him to think too much about their friendship. If it could be called that. Sometimes, it almost felt like they weren't even friends anymore. Clark was starting to miss hanging out with people, and the loneliness was bothering him. It made him feel like more of an outsider, like someone that nobody wanted to be around anymore.

Only people, who wanted something from him that he was not willing to give, haunted his presence, like the FBI or meteor mutants who seemed to hound his every move. The usual secrets and lies which Clark constantly had to tell to almost everyone continued to weigh heavier on his mind with each passing day. Standing in the middle of the barn, Clark mumbled, "Chloe is right, I'm a big fat liar. You should eat before the food gets cold.

Finally, he decided, as he sat down to eat breakfast that he just wanted to relax and stop thinking for a whole day. Maybe Lex would like to do something with him on the weekend. His once close friend was distant from him now, and Clark felt guilty about the rift that was forming between them. A few things had gone wrong lately in Smallville, and he had accused Lex of becoming too much like his father.

It was one of the few insults that actually bothered his friend. When thinking back, he realized that he had been too harsh with Lex; Lex had always been a good friend to him, and he realized that he should start returning the favor. I haven't seen him much lately, and I wanna go out with him tomorrow. If not I'll call. In the background, the news was playing, and Clark was disheartened to see that an earthquake had hit Asia somewhere around Russia. The quake had a magnitude of 7. He watched as they stated death toll estimates ranged all the way to over 5, and other horrifying facts, feeling bad for the people on the other side of the world.

His mom glanced over at the TV and mentioned what a shame it was, all those poor people. The feeling of guilt made him angry. Well, it wasn't fun living in 'tornado alley' either, he mused. He quickly gave himself a mental slap for thinking such a thing. But before you go, he needed some help with the tractor.

I think there may be a flat tire. Maybe doing something different in Metropolis for a change? Go bowling. I know how much Lex would love that. I hope things go okay between you and Lex. His mom hugged him.

Letting him go with a sweet motherly smile, she walked over to the sink to do the dishes. His mom was the best. Before leaving for school, Clark quickly went to change the tire on the tractor. On the way, he decided to have a bit of a father and son chat and hoped that it would help them both feel better. Smiling, his dad looked at him with a strange distant look on his face, "Thanks, Son.

I hope you have a good day at school. But, I promise they'll be turning for the better soon. And yes, I'm feeling just fine. His worry must have been showing again. Clark never could hide his emotions like other people he knew, aka Lex, who seemed to be able to appear just fine when he was actually plotting some serious revenge or something.

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm

Clark chloe fanfic pigs orgasm